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Muztagh Ata Peak, 7546m. 

Muztagh Ata (Often Spelled: «Muztagata, or Mustagh Ata, or Muztaghata, or Muztagh Ata or Muztag Ata») is the second high summit in Kun-Lun range, standing not so far from te first one which is Mt. Kongur(7719 m.) . Both mountains are situated in Xingjang region iof China. Some people sugest it to be China Pamir, but more usual is to hear Kun-Lun Mountains. In local languages Muztagh Ata means "Father of Ice Mountain`s". The huge snow mountain-mass raised above the Karakul Lake attracts the mountaineers of the whole world. Normal route to the top is not really difficult, but requires good physical shape. Usually it takes around two weeks to fulfill normal programme with 2-3 acclimatization turns before summit attempt.
Normal BC is situated on the level of approximately 4400m. and connected with Subashi (last point on the road from Kashgar) by rather good road, which allows to use services of jeeps and motor bykes drivers to bring the staff up or down. Usually it is required to hire Kyrgyz people with camels to bring your luggage up.
Normal climbing program consists of few acclimatization turns before summit bid.
It takes one day to climb camp 1 from the BC and go back. After that climbers ususally has a day rest before next turn.
On the next turn they has overnighnt in the camp 1 and excursion to the camp 2, which stays on the altitude about 6100m. The same day or next morning climbers went down and take one or two days rest in the Base Camp. Next acclimatization turn could be to spend one or two overmights on the altitude 6100 and to make an excursion higher on the mountain, to Camp3, which is about 6800m. high.
Summit attempt from the Camp3 to the summit for intermediate climber usually takes about 8 hours.
It is preferably to use skis during the climb, but many people do not have it, so one can use feet trek and ski trek as well.

Muztagh Ata from Subashi
View to Muztagh ata from Koskulak Peak
Muztagh Ata Base Camp, 4400m.
Approaching the summit of Muztagh Ata.
Camel in Subashi