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Russian mountain guides, Climbing, Ski touring and Telemark programms in Russia and CIS countries, climb mount Elbrus, Khan-Tengri, Lenin Peak, Communism and Korjenevskaya peaks expeditions, Muztagh Ata expedition.
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Kunlun Mountains, also Kunlun Shan or K’un-lun Shan, major mountain system, western China. The mountains rise to 7719 m atop Kongur Tagh and extend east to west for more than 2410 km between the northern edge of the Tibetan Plateau (Qing Zang Gaoyuan) and the two arid basins, the Tarim Pendi and the Qaidam Pendi. The Altun (A-erh-chin) Shan, a range that encircles the Qaidam Pendi, is sometimes defined as part of the Kunlun system. India claims territory in the western Kunlun Mountains.