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Programm 15 days, volcanoes exploration, fishing, rafting. Description. 




day 1   Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. Plane  
day 2   Arrival to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski. Transfer and accomodation in the hotel Paratunka. In the Hotel is a pool with geothermal water (t~90C). Night in the hotel  
day 3   Transfer to the south to the Mutnovski (2322 m) and Goreli (1850 m) volcanoes by land-rover Ural 6x6. By the way and at the foot of volcanoes there is a great opportunity of meeting bears. Installation of tents.  
day 4   Ascent on volcano Mutnovski (vertical drop 770 m). Visit to the first ancient crater with the approach to fumaroles and griffins with sulphur outcrops and hot lakes under glacier. Approach to the open crater with the world-largest fumarole zones. Return to the base camp. Night in tents.  
day 5   Ascent on Goreli (vertical drop 550 m). Traverse of the massive visiting 4 craters, one of which is with fumarole activity. Return back to Paratunka. Night in the hotel.  
day 6   Transfer to Bystraya river. Fishing. Beginning of rafting. Night in tents.  
day 7   Rafting. Fishing (salmon, trout). Night in tents.  
day 8   Rafting. Fishing (salmon, trout). Night in tents.  
day 9   Rafting. Fishing (salmon, trout). Night in tents.  
day 10   Return back to Paratunka. Night in the hotel.  
day 11   Transfer by land-rover 6x6 to the foot of Avachinski volcano, 2741 m. Night in tents.  
day 12   Ascent on Avachinski (vertical drop 1750) with the entrance to the recent lava fields. Return back to the base. Night in tents.  
day 13   Return to Paratunka. Night in the hotel  
day 14   Reserve day. By fulfilment of the program walk around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, market, shops. Night in the hotel  
day 15   Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski.  

Flight schedule

From/To  Flight No.  Weekday  Time
SPb-PKC  8503  Tue  16:05 — 14:20
SPb-PKC  8501  Fri  18:00 — 16:20
Moscow-PKC  SU759  Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat  15:10 — 8:35
PKC-SPb  8502  Sat  19:00 — 0:20
PKC-SPb  8504  Wed
PKC-Moscow  SU760  Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun  

The price for the trip is 1147 EURO, single supplement is 130 Euro

The price includes
# All necessary transfers required for carrying out the trip
# Stay in the hotel Helios at Paratunka
# Tents for camps during the program
# Full board throughout the trip
# Cook
# Guide

The price doesn’t include:
# Flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski and back
# Extra luggage fee
# Preliminary departure
# Insurance
# Cost of visa
# Personal expenses, drinks
# Excursion to the valley of Geysers