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Visa and permits to travel in Elbrus region (Baksan valley) 
Coming to Russia you have to obtain Russian visa first. Probably the best way to do it is to use service of russian agency which has a necessary authority to invite foreign citizens.
You need to obtain a visa application form from the Russian Embassy. Submitting your application form you have to add following units:
# Itinarary with the main points you suppose to visit
# Three photographs
# Invitation letter with voucher from your Russian partner
# Insurance
# Passport
# Copy ofyour airtickets

To learn more about regulations and forms you can also visit such a useful link:

(!) On arrival to Russia you have to fill special form — Migration Card. Keep it with your Passport all the time. You will need it also on a departure.

# Travelling in Elbrus Region you will also need special permit, which you can receive in Nalchik-capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. To receive this one you have to obtain it in Boundary Forces department. Three days are considered to do it. You can also use russian agency service to obtain this permit before your arrival. This permit is required because Elbrus Region is a border zone between Russia and Georgia, some parts of the border are unstable and has to be protected. There are few check points in Elbrus region where you can be asked to show this permit. Permit is free of charge.
The precense of soldiers in region makes it one of the most friendly and stable on the North Caucasus.

# Registration in OVIR. This permit every visitor without Russian Federation Passport has to obtain in Tyrnyauz-biggest city in Baksan valley, about 40 minutes drive from Terskol. To obtain it you have to have Passport with Russian visa, migration card and 70 roubles fee. Also can be done by russian agency or hotel where you stay.