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Fishing on the river Bystraya 




day 1  

Arrival to KAmchatka, Elizovo city. Transfer and the accommodation in the hotel in Paratunka.

day 2  

Transfer to the river Bystraya. The beginning of the rafting and the fishing. Night in the tents.

day 3  

Rafting and fishing. Night in the tents

day 4  

Rafting and fishing. Night in the tents

day 5  

Rafting and fishing. Night in the tents

day 6  

The finishing of the rafting. The return to Paratunka. Accommodation in the hotel.

day 7  

If the weather is fine the excursion by helicopter: watching the volcanos Gorely and Mutnivskiy, the Khdutkinskie thermal springs-swimming and lunch. The return to the hotel.

day 8  

Free day. The possibility of the fishing in the ocean-for additional payment. Night in the hotel.

day 9  

transfer to the airport. The departure home.


Flight schedule

From/To  Flight No.  Weekday  Time
SPb-PKC  8503  Tue  16:05 — 14:20
SPb-PKC  8501  Fri  18:00 — 16:20
Moscow-PKC  SU759  Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat  15:10 — 8:35
PKC-SPb  8502  Sat  19:00 — 0:20
PKC-SPb  8504  Wed
PKC-Moscow  SU760  Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun